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What is graphic design – the truth

What is graphic design – the truth

What is graphic design?

What is the graphic?

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration. Graphic designers create icons, images, and text to form a visual representation of ideas and messages.

They use Typography, Visual Arts, and Page Layout techniques to create visual compositions. Among the common uses of graphic design are designing logos and branding for companies, and editorial design such as designing magazines, newspapers, newspapers, books, advertising, web design, product packaging and signage.

The history of graphic design

What is graphic design?
What is graphic design?

The origins of graphic design can be traced back to the origins of human existence, from the caves of Lascaux, to Rome’s Trajan’s Column, to illuminated medieval scrolls to the neon lights of Ginza, Tokyo. In Babylon, craftsmen pressed cuneiform inscriptions onto the clay bricks or slabs that were used in construction. The bricks provided information such as the name of the ruling king, the builder, or another notable figure.” This was the first known road sign to announce the name of a state governor or city mayor. The Egyptians developed communication through hieroglyphs that used pictorial symbols dating back to 136 BC. Found in the Rosetta Stone. “The Rosetta Stone found by one of Napoleon’s architects was an announcement by the Egyptian ruler, Ptolemy, as a. The true son of the sun, the father of the moon, and the keeper of men’s happiness.” The Egyptians also invented papyrus, a paper made from reeds found along the Nile. As they copied ads more popularly among people at the time. During the “Dark Ages”. from 500 ad up to 1450 adThe monks created elaborate and illustrated manuscripts.

Both in its long history and in a relatively recent explosion of eye contact in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The distinction between advertising, art, graphic design, and fine art had disappeared. They share many elements, theories, principles and practices, languages ​​and sometimes the same beneficiary or client. in advertising. The ultimate goal is to sell goods and services. In graphic design, “essence is to give an arrangement of information, form ideas, expression, and feel to artifacts that document the human experience.”

The beginning of graphic design in the United States

Graphic design began in the United States with Benjamin Franklin who used his newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette, to perfect the art of advertising, promoting his books and influencing audiences. Benjamin Franklin’s ingenuity gained strength as did his cunning, and in 1737 he replaced his Pennsylvania counterpart, Andrew Bradford, as postmaster and printer after a contest he founded and won. He demonstrated his ingenuity by running an advertisement in his General Journal and Historical History of British Farms in America (introduced to The Saturday Evening After) that emphasized the benefits offered by the stove he invented and named it the Pennsylvania stove. His invention is still sold today and is known as the Franklin stove. “

American advertisements initially imitated British newspapers and magazines. Advertisements are printed in irregular fonts and uneven fonts. Which made it difficult to read. Franklin organized this even better by adding a 14-point type to the first line of the declaration. Although later abbreviated and centered. Which made them “headlines”. Franklin added illustrations, something the London printers did not attempt to do. Franklin was the first to use logos which were early symbols that advertised services such as opticians by displaying golden spectacles. Franklin taught advertisers that using details is important in marketing their products. Some ads ran from 10 to 20 lines. Including the color, names, varieties and sizes of the goods displayed.

Top graphic design software

What is graphic design?What is graphic design?
What is graphic design?

Designers used to be limited to a few options in professional graphic design software.

Graphic design tools are no longer strictly limited to only PC or Mac operating systems. You’ll find many with iOS and اندرويد mobile apps as well, with Linux and Chrome OS support.

With a range of amazing editing tools it can make it difficult to choose the best graphic design software in the business. So our roundup in this article focuses on some old but good stuff. Like Adobe Photoshop. Plus some new graphic design software on the scene, like Affinity Photo.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has long been the industry standard in the field. Therefore, it is one of the most powerful graphic design programs. It’s a favorite among graphic designers for a reason. Its suite of photo editing tools supports beginners to professionals with an easy-to-use interface and a large number of well-written tutorials. It is one of the most important graphic design software that gives you control while working on it, the size of the canvas. (canvas size) to the artistic filter.

Photoshop offers a seven-day free trial. Interestingly, you can get Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom at a much cheaper cost. Adobe Photoshop trial includes 100 GB of cloud storage, and Lightroom includes 1 TB of cloud storage. It also has some add-ons with its own paint app. Adobe Fresco, and Adobe Spark storytelling software. This software collaboration is great in the graphic design field.

Program Features

  • Design Toolkit: Includes many attractive effects, such as 3D and Keith Haring brushes.
  • Content-conscious packaging: Focus on your message without distraction.
  • Time saving features: Streamlines workflow with batch operations and automation scripts.

Affinity Designer

What is graphic design?What is graphic design?
What is graphic design?

Affinity Designer has a magnification of up to 1,000,000%. Which puts it squarely in the world of CAD. If this accuracy is very good. You can set the levels you prefer. Another noteworthy feature is the release date. You can go back up to 8000 steps. Which makes it an excellent choice when working with clients. This and zoom makes you accountable for the reviews well.

Affinity Designer is an excellent choice for personal projects or for novice graphic designers with its intuitive user interface. It is a worthy competitor to Adobe Illustrator. With a similar set of design tools and user-friendly features added. It is well suited for individuals who want a budget-friendly alternative without sacrificing basic functionality.

Program Features

  • Color management: Supports a variety of formats. Including ICC, CMYK and RGB.
  • Time Saving Tools: Consistent branding in your workspace.
  • Changes in real time: Quickly preview edits and blends.
  • One-time purchase: There are no subscription fees.

Affinity Photo

What is graphic design?What is graphic design?
What is graphic design?

Affinity Photo is a valuable alternative to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for its image enhancement functions. It works with layers and filters to create amazing photo effects with both vector and bitmap images. The program also supports an SVG file format such as CorelDRAW. You can create templates. But none of them are included in the program. However. It is lightweight with a generous 90-day free trial.

Affinity Photo has won many awards in recent years for its versatility and functionality and is considered one of the best graphic design software. It has a lot of features for its price. You can perform advanced editing with 360-degree photo editing, panoramic composition, and HDR merging. Provides fast and accurate real-time editing. You can work with PSD files as well. It also supports non-destructive direct filter layers for maximum graphic design creativity.

Program Features

  • Powerful digital editing tools: includes HDR merging, raw editing, and layer editing.
  • One-time purchase: No subscription plans or in-app purchases.
  • Optional Overlay Packages: Offers free additional editing tools upon registration.


What is graphic design?What is graphic design?
What is graphic design?

Procreate bills itself as a complete art studio, built exclusively to support the iPad and Apple Pencil. It is a one time purchase with no free trial or version available. Dive right into its wide range of customizable graphic design templates, fonts, and brushes. You can also bring your favorite Photoshop images into the app, which will work best with the Valkyrie Engine. The developers have gone above and beyond to make it easy to use.

One of its notable features is its ability to create and preview a 3D design in real time in AR. If you want to try your hand at animation, Procreate provides an excellent starting point. However, the app has so many tools and functions that it might seem confusing to beginners. If you select one type of brush. You will find many to choose from. But you will learn something new every time you use it.

Program Features

  • Editing tools: 200 customizable brushes.
  • Color management: Intuitive selection of complementary colors and ColorDrop tool for filling.
  • Finishing filters: Unify image management to create the perfect look.
  • One-time purchase: No in-app purchases.

Adobe Illustrator

What is graphic design?What is graphic design?
What is graphic design?

Adobe Illustrator sets the standard for professionally designed logos, artwork, graphics, and icons. It is also one of the best graphic design software. You can work from a hand-drawn to a scalable vector image of any size. Adobe Illustrator works with graphics differently, using mathematical formulas instead of pixels for smooth scaling.

Adobe Illustrator offers a free seven-day trial. But you must provide a credit card to get started. If you select the annual plan, paid per month – it’s $20.99 per month. Otherwise, you’ll pay $31.49 per month for the monthly plan. Either way, it’s expensive. However. Adobe Illustrator is one of those products that will keep you learning something new all the time. Even if it is not the most user-friendly software available.

Program Features

  • Adobe Sensei AI: Match colors from a photograph using automatic extraction.
  • Extensive library: Adobe Stock templates. Including 90 million images, icons, and thousands of fonts.
  • Creative Cloud: Manage your projects anywhere.
  • Data Consolidation: Infographic data stays up to date with stats.
  • Social media: tutorials for getting the most out of marketing.

types of graphics

What is graphic design?What is graphic design?
What is graphic design?

There are many types of graphic design, and they cannot be limited enough depending on the different thinking of many designers, and any innovative and new design can become an independent type of design, and graphic types can be divided into two basic types as follows :

  • Computer-related designs without the need to print: The term (computer graphics) has appeared, which refers to images that are produced using a computer, and it includes both. Illustrations, animations, web design, web pages, video production, television production, and computer work is faster, more efficient and productive through specialized software.

The final product is re-broadcast and disseminated through multiple media, and due to the spread of the vast Internet, and the increasing interaction with social networks, this field has emerged as a strong branch of graphic design.

  • Computer-generated designs that are printed and marketed realistically, including:

Designs for advertising purpose

The designer shows the advertised product in the best light, explaining its features to attract the audience to it.

Book and magazine cover designs

It also includes newspapers and newspapers, and the design is inclusive of many elements expressing the content of the book or magazine, and the titles are shown with drawings and pictures for clarification, and the design of the newspaper does not differ from the book and magazine in the elements, their use and purpose. But it differs in how it coordinates and distributes these elements more broadly.

Logo Design

This design is for international companies and brands, and logos have several types, including: Text logos. It depends on the use of one or more words, and does not include graphics or symbols, and literal slogans. Depend on the project’s initials, and graphic logos; They contain symbols or icons, and logos that consist of merging texts and icons together.

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What is graphic design?

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