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Anna Gordon, Chief Investment Officer, reports that CPP Investments will work with Inpher to develop a unique database for investing forecasting:

The Canadian Retirement Plan Investment Board has signed an agreement with Inpher, a company that has developed data protection technology before it is analyzed. The technology, called Secret Computing, allows data analysts to run complex, collaborative, machine models. Without violating data security.

CPP hopes that using Inpher technology, they will be able to develop a unique database that will help predict market trends and enable its investment team to operate high in the market, according to a press release. Through this collaboration, CPP aims to bring together both data contributors and asset managers.

“Working with Inpher to use their technology to access non-public data sources is in line with our goal of enhancing our information advantage and creating value for the CPP Foundation in the long run,” said Daniel Wroblevski, CEO and CEO of CPP Investments’ Alpha. Generation Lab looking for creative new ways to increase return on investment.

Inpher itself is a relatively new company that started in 2015. According to PitchBook, it is currently listed as a late stage venture capital company. Its list of investors includes names such as JP Morgan Chase & Co., Bowery Capital and Alpana Ventures.

Ultimately, CPP aims to use Inpher technology to more quickly analyze macroeconomic trends, forecast company performance, and better understand overall portfolios..

CPP is the largest pension in Canada, with approximately $ 440 billion (C $ 550 billion) in asset management.

CPP Investments has published this announcement about this enterprise:

The Canadian Retirement Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments) and pioneers of Inpher, Inc., Secret Computing ©, have agreed to create a unique employee ecosystem to create a network for secure data analysis.

Inpher’s cryptographic platform allows machine learning models to be trained on data sources without detecting sensitive information or moving data out of its owner’s systems. Through this approach to data privacy – and the development of a large-scale data collaboration network – CPP Investments and Inpher seek to bring together a group of asset managers and data contributors to create new insights.

For investment management organizations such as CPP Investments, obtaining information from featured sources of information can enhance investment research and help generate revenue above industry standards. However, several unique data sets are available in the market, as many firms have access to the same commodity data streams through commercial providers. Through this partnership, CPP Investments will work closely with a variety of organizations to incorporate new data sources into forecasting and investment decisions, while keeping this data personal and secure.

“Working with Inpher to use their technology to access non-public data sources is in line with our goal of enhancing our information advantage and creating value for the CPP Foundation in the long run,” said Daniel Wroblevski, Head of CPP Investments’ Alpha. Generation Lab, looking for transformational ways to achieve strong financial results. “As some data sources become more mainstream, we strive to be leaders in finding and processing new data, allowing us to create differentiated views.”

This model will be built against the backdrop of increased demand for privacy computing capabilities that can process multiple types of data. Higher consumer awareness, changes to data privacy regulations, and new artificial intelligence applications have facilitated data development.

“As a recognized leader in asset management, CPP Investments is the ideal partner to transform the next generation technology industry,” said Jordan Brandt, CEO of Inpher. “We believe that CPP Investments’ Alpha Generation Lab has the unique expertise and innovative vision to use privacy enhancement technologies when investing.”

Inpher and CPP Investments aim to build a trusted network of partners, including traditional data providers, corporations and peer-to-peer investors, to enhance our collective ability to use data assets. Examples may include a more accurate and rapid analysis of macroeconomic trends, enhanced understanding and forecasting of company fundamentals and competitive dynamics, or working with peer investors to obtain information about total portfolios.

About Alpha Generation Lab

CPP Investments’ Alpha Generation Lab was established to identify and implement research initiatives and transformational changes focused on the intersection of investment, technology and data. The lab’s mandate is to develop significant benefits for CPP Investments in the pursuit of great investment efficiency by accelerating innovative technology-driven investment opportunities. This group is responsible for conceptualizing, incubating, and building new alpha generation capabilities within the organization.

For more information about Inpher collaboration, data sharing model or network data usage, please contact

About CPP Investments

The Canadian Retirement Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments არის) is a professional investment management organization that manages the fund in the best interests of the more than 21 million contributors and beneficiaries of the Canadian Retirement Plan. To create a diversified portfolio of assets, investments will be made in public equities, private equities, real estate, infrastructure and fixed income worldwide. Headquartered in Toronto, with offices in Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, Sულოo Paulo and Sydney, CPP Investments is managed and operated independently of Canada’s pension plan and by governments. As of December 31, 2021, the fund amounted to C $ 550.4 billion. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

About Inpher

Inpher is a New York-based, global Secret Computing © company that provides privacy training and analytics to unlock the importance of sensitive, extracted data and ensure secure collaboration between teams and organizations. Data scientists use Inpher’s XORTM SaaS to prepare and run ML models on deeper and more diverse data. At the same time, it is encrypted to improve the performance of the model with mathematically guaranteed data privacy and resilience. Global enterprises have used XOR in many vertical applications in finance, healthcare and IoT. Inpher’s acclaimed leadership team in the fields of Multipurpose Computing (MPC), Fully Homorphic Encryption (FHE), and Federal Training (FL) continues to provide the fastest, most accurate privacy capabilities. Please visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter For more information.

Now, I have to admit I never heard of Inpher before I read this press release yesterday, but the fact that CPP Investments is partnering with me tells me that they have conducted extensive research and this company provides something that might be important. Organization.

As discussed above, a partnership involves the development of a unique data set that helps predict market trends and allows its investment team to operate above the market.

Moreover, Inpher and CPP Investments aim to build a trusted network of partners, including traditional data providers, corporations, And peer investorsImprove their collective ability to use data assets.

Did you hear this part about peer investors? This leaves the door wide open for all of Canada’s large pensions and other global pensions to be part of this project.

Ultimately, CPP Investments aims to use Inpher technology to more quickly analyze macroeconomic trends, forecast company performance, and better understand overall portfolios.

Take it from me, it’s not an easy task and if you are skeptical, you are absolutely right.

But if this new technology provides a “significant advantage”, then I say go ahead, use all the data sets to better understand the changes in macroeconomic trends.

This is critical to the size of the CPP Investments fund because predicting trends allows you to better position the fund when trends change.

It also allows you to take advantage of opportunities, wherever they may be, in public and private markets around the world.

Okay, I do not want to go over myself, but I recommend you read more about Inpher here to really appreciate this company and how it will help CPP Investments develop a unique data set.

This is not the first venture I have heard of between a large Canadian pension and a technology database.

A few years ago, BCI invested in the UK-based ClearMacro, which also helps institutional investors integrate effective information into their data portfolios to make a wiser decision:

ClearMacro helps institutional investors reconsider challenges such as putting pressure on fee and cost structures, or those with disabilities, to effectively use the exponential growth of available data.

Traditional research has become uneconomical, although most investment firms are struggling to create and implement alternative database-based models.

ClearMacro helps investors develop a viable data strategy to ensure data performance benefits over value.

These data analysis projects are critical and if successful, all institutional investors will benefit from them.

Okay, I wish I could write more on this topic but I had a busy day and I can not add more than what I revealed above.

By the way, Inpher has pioneered the cryptographic Secret Computing®, which provides advanced analytics and machine learning while providing data privacy, security and distribution. Don’t choose between data privacy and data usability – you can finally have both!

I also included another discussion on the secure use of data to optimize business decisions.


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